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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  iHouse   Vientiane 23 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  City Inn Vientiane   Vientiane 50.33 USD
  Lane Xang Princess Hotel   Vientiane 34.71 USD
  Lao Golden Hotel   Vientiane 28.51 USD
  Win Hotel Vientiane   Vientiane 21 USD
  A Villa Phasouk Hotel   Vientiane 29 USD
  Inter City Boutique Hotel   Vientiane 29 USD
  Sengtawan Riverside Hotel   Vientiane 38 USD
  Mandala Boutique Hotel   Vientiane 67 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  BEST WESTERN Vientiane Hotel   Vientiane 78.41 USD
  Salana Boutique Hotel   Vientiane 102.09 USD
  La Ong Dao Hotel 1   Vientiane 20 USD
  Angkham Hotel   Vientiane 57 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Don Chan Palace Hotel & Convention Vientiane   Vientiane 81.25 USD
  Rashmi s The Plaza Hotel Vientiane   Vientiane 84.30 USD

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