Laos Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Laos

Laos nightlife has had quite a paradoxical character: From the extremes of the opium culture that infiltrated the country during the late sixties and early seventies, to the enforced curfew into the late seventies and beyond. Now, perhaps it has it found its equilibrium as the 'sleepy town' of the region yet with Southeast Asia's best beer.

The odd 'happy shake' can still be found in Vang Vieng, but the rest of the country has cleaned up its act and the most outrageous nightlife you will get in Laos is in Vientiane where a handful of nightclubs stay open past midnight. While the country is packed with fun, it is not the place to come if you want a Patong-style holiday.

Lazy riverside bars, quaint wine drinking venues and a handful of nightclubs sounds about right for the range of nightlife in Laos. Alternatively, internet cafes in the bigger cities are usually open until late. The charm of the sleepy town can also lend itself to relaxing nights best spent rekindling your appreciation of nature. 

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Vang Vieng Nightlife

Vang Vieng nightlife offers drinking and lots of it. While the infamous ‘shroom special shakes’ can do the job without any help from synthetic stimulants, more experienced travellers tend to chill out with beers or drinks that they are familiar with.

Bokeo Nightlife

Bokeo is the smallest province in Laos and visitors might have a difficult time looking for a decent large and busy bar to drink in. Bokeo's spotlight is focused more on its traditional ways.

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