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Although Savannakhet has a handful of tourist attractions, its main strength actually lies in eco-tourism, especially trekking through its provincial protected area, Dong Natad. A journey through remote villages is an unforgettable experience. Aside from observing wild animals in the forest, visitors will learn about herbs and forest flora that villagers use for various purposes.

An exciting adventure on dirt paths along the Laos and Vietnam borders, the Ho Chi Min Trail tour is also worth checking out. Nothing beats Laos massage after a tiring day and simply people watching and observing the easy going local lifestyle more than makes up for the area's lacks of sites to visit.

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Dong Natad

Dong Natad is a national protected forest is about 14 km northeast of Savannakhet International Airport. Trekking is one of the most popular activities here – you can spot native wildlife and animals, as well as local villagers collecting red ants and cicadas, which are staples in their diet. 

There’s also a sacred lake and 2 traditional villages that have been around for over 400 years in Dong Natad. Daytrips are available while overnight stays include homestays, local costumes, and intermediate hiking. 

  • Location: Dong Natad National Protected Forest, Laos

Dong Phu Vieng

Dong Phou Vieng at Dong Sakee Forest requires a fair bit of trekking, as you’ll pass through bamboo forests, dense woodlands, and rocky plains of Dong Sakee Forest. This national protected area is home to ‘oil-trees’ which, when cut, produce a flammable liquid. 

Dong Phou Vieng also has plenty of exotic animals, including hornbills, silver langur, and leaf monkeys. Guided trekking tours to Dong Phou Vieng give you a chance to learn about the use of natural products such as edible leaves, herbs and bush fruits. Don Phu Vieng treks usually last 3 to 4 days, and includes a stays at a local village. 

  • Location: Dong Phou Vieng National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area, Keng Nang, Laos

Ho Chi Minh trail

The Ho Chi Minh trail is an elaborate logistical system that runs parallel to the Laos-Vietnam border. It has truck routes, a bicycle and footpath, as well as a river transportation system. Located about 180 km east of Savannakhet, this trail was used during the Vietnam War to infiltrate troops and supplies into South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

The trail is possible to navigate as long as you’re with a knowledgeable guide. Many tour companies offer daytrips by motorcycle – wandering Ho Chi Minh trail is by yourself is not recommended for safety purposes. 

  • Location: 180 km east of Savannakhet
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