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Tad Lo Waterfalls


There are three waterfalls in this village: Tad Suong, Tad Lo and Tad Hang. Most of the local community is built up around this area.

If you want to take a quick swim Tad Hang is the best bet for you. The water is not too rough as long as you stay away from the falls themselves. Fishing is very common and though the water is not crystal clear, it is not unhealthy.

If you cross Saise Resort over the bridge you should reach Tad Lo waterfalls. Although you may not be able to take a dip in the rocky waters of this fall, spend some time sitting on the bank and enjoy its view.

Tad Suong is furthest from the village and the most beautiful out of the three. It is a brilliant experience to watch the water splash down through the sharp gorges of the fall.

Tad Lo has three waterfalls, one of which is beside the village, the second a kilometre away upstream, and the third is further upstream about eight kilometres away. If you walk along the left bank of the river you should be able to find your way through the jungle path to the second waterfall. The sound of the waterfall will guide you down to the base of the waterfall along the manmade flight of stone steps. Here you can take a swim as well.

Tad Lo Restaurants


One of the best-known eating places is Tim's Guest House & Restaurant which is run by a local couple. Amidst the friendly atmosphere one can enjoy refreshing soft drinks, fruit shakes and juices among other local dishes. The joint also functions as a local computer learning center which provides internet access to boarders here. Profit made by the owners of Tim’s Guest House and Restaurant is used partially to support the local people.

Another choice for those who need a place to stay at in Tad Lo and enjoy local cuisine is the Sephaseuth Guest House & Restaurant which is located close to the river. This place serves a combination of local Lao food along with western dishes. The western breakfast here is particularly well known. Lunch and dinner is equally popular among locals as well as foreigners here.

Tad Lo Shopping


There is not much to buy as far as souvenirs are concerned. However, visitors can find basic items at the shops close by.

Tad Lo Activities



If you are staying at Tim’s Guest House in Tad Lo you can ask the people there to arrange for trekking expeditions. These expeditions cover spots such as the waterfalls, the surrounding jungle and the homes of the Alak and Katu tribes.

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