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  • Top 10 Best Tours

    Top 10 Tours in Laos

    Laos is one of the very few genuinely exotic and magical countries in the world. If you want to get to the heart of this mysterious land it’s best to take a tour with Read More...

  • Luang Prabang City & Temples Tour - Full Day

    Luang Prabang City

    Highlights include Vat Visoun, Vat Aham, Vat Xieng Thong, and a weaving village at Ban Phanom, for a half-day trip. The full-day trip includes visits to the National Museum, Read More...

  • Vientiane City & Surrounds Tour

    Vientiane City

    This easygoing city and temples tour begins at Vat Sisaket, one of the oldest temples in Vientaine, featuring over 6,840 remarkable Buddha images. Next up is the stunning Ho Read More...

  • Khouang Si Waterfall

    Khouang Si Waterfall

    The beautiful multi-tiered Kuang Si waterfall is worth a trip from Luang Prabang for its refreshing beauty and serenity. Turquoise-green water tumbles over a series of Read More...

  • Pak Ou Caves

    Pak Ou Cave Tour

    Located about 25 km from Luang Prabang, Pak Ou Cave hosts thousands of interesting Buddha images, mostly donated by local people. The cave entrance is clearly visible from Read More...

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  • Laos Classic Packages

    Laos Classic Packages

    With a knowledgeable guide as navigator and air travel between the two cities, four or five days is the perfect time frame to see the many temples, monuments, and Read More...

  • Laos Modules

    Laos Modules

    The juggling of maps, lodging, and timetables can seriously detract from the experience. Our professional guides will do the hard work, you can enjoy stress-free Laos. Read More...

  • Laos Cruises

    Laos Cruises

    Enjoy exploring the Laos countryside in the most leisurely manner possible – on board a river cruiser. We have two exciting options: The Read More...

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