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  • That Dam Wine House

    Vientiane Restaurant & Dining


    That Dam Wine House is a romantic restaurant in Vientiane that strikes a great balance between an attractive setting and reasonable prices. The secluded terrace is surrounded by lush trees and plants, yet it is only metres from the iconic That Dam (black stupa) which is illuminated at night and makes a great backdrop for an evening meal.

    The menu contains a mixture of Western and Asian dishes to suit different budgets, with choice cuts of New Zealand beef and lamb.


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  • The cost of a meal at That Dam Wine House is comparative with backpacker haunts down by the river. However, the quality of the food, attentiveness of the staff and the romantic setting make That Dam Wine House much better value for money. Staff members are all turned out in crisp white shirts and seem well trained to deal with the diplomats and NGO types who tend to frequent the restaurant.

    Asian dishes such as chicken fried rice, larb, or red curry start from $US3, pasta from $US4, and, on the other end of the scale, imported meat dishes like T-bone steak or lamb tenderloin steak cost around $US15. As the name suggests, That Dam Wine House has an extensive cellar of new-and-old-world wines. The house white isn’t the best you will find in Vientiane but it is full of flavour and affordable. Next door to the restaurant is one of the biggest wine wholesalers in the country – which might have something to do with the size of their wine list.

    To make the most of this location and setting, it is advised to request a table on the terrace as the inside section is a little pokey. Outside provides a far more agreeable environment to enjoy the soft lighting, unique backdrop, and relaxing music that is set to a whisper.

    The restaurant is easy to find, located directly on the That Dam roundabout. One of the charms of Vientiane is that you can walk here from pretty much anywhere in town. The monument itself was formerly covered in gold and was claimed to be the sleeping place of Naga dragons. That Dam Wine House is the best place to go for an evening meal – or even just a glass of wine – to appreciate this famous landmark.

    • That Dam Stupa
    • That Dam Wine House

    That Dam Wine House

    • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
    • Address: That Dam Stupa roundabout, Rue Chanthakoumanne, Vientiane
    • Tel: 222647
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